Software as a Service Platform for Professional Chess Clubs

Complete solution for online training fully integrated as part of your website

What makes Chess Pill special

Online and offline training sessions

Easy to create content, including text, photos, videos, board view directly in browser

Trainer uploads materials on the platform

Be 24/7 ready to start a new lesson. No other platform needed, just internet connection

High security

Safe environment, everything happens on the platform. No-one has access to your materials.

User-friendly training app

Design responsive on any device. Teachers can use laptops while students may prefer tablets or smartphones

Why is Chess Pill good for you

ChessPill was born to make online chess training pleasant for both teachers and students

All the developers of ChessPill are active or retired profesional players

The Benefits of

Chess Pill

User management

• Add, edit, delete, disable member
• Edit, delete your account
• Create groups of students based on custom criteria

Live lessons

• Create, edit, delete live lessons with students
• Allow students to enter or kick students
• Live board analysis


• Create, edit, delete diagrams
• Upload multiple diagrams from Chessbase by using PGN files
• Filters & sorting functionalities to easily manage thousands of diagrams


• Quizzes can contain both exercise and puzzles
• Includes pgn upload functionalities
• Students’ progress stats
• Tag adding to easily create quizzes

How to use Chess Pill

Main features

Take full advantage of features such as live streaming, live board, an engine which is visible only for the teacher.

Organize multiple live lessons at the same time for multiple trainers and groups.

Add text, photos, videos and upload PGN files to create the lessons directly on the platform.


Track student’s progress by using customized quizzes. Add diagrams with multiple predefined solutions by the trainer. The diagram’s solutions can be uploaded directly via pgn files


Students can improve their technique by playing against the computer custom positions. Their will get points only if they win.

Upload multiple diagrams from Chessbase by using PGN files or use the user friendly puzzle creator


Manage teachers and students’ accounts and monitor the club’s activities. Track students’ progress. and make sure their on the right track.

  • Live board analysis
    • Board can be customized in terms of type of pieces and board, color etc
    • Students can flip board as desired
    • Allows arrows in various colors

Let us show you how Chess Pill App can make online training pleasant and boost up your students

Software as a Service Platform for Professional Chess Clubs

The most user-friendly training app, designed for making online training easy.

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