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How Chess Pill was born

ChessPill was developed by Chess Coders, a company created to provide software related to chess. Our developers team includes 1 GM, 2 FMs, one NM, as well as two chess trainers and one arbiter.

Since 2019 we have worked on ChessPill, a chess training platform that allows trainers to upload personalized lessons and students to work on them. In these difficult times, we believe we can help clubs to continue their activity in excellent conditions

We understand how difficult online lessons are. We, know that dedicated teachers, do and will always do everything we can to help children and youngsters grow.

When teaching chess online, trainers always struggle to combine tools such as Chessbase, Zoom, Whatsapp, Chess.com, e-mail services, and so on. Therefore, we decided to develop a platform which integrates everything

Echess is very modular and has a high degree of granularity

Adapt many of the functions and implement them on various platforms

Can be integrated as part of your website and help you in the customer loyalty

A platform that integrates everything


Annex 1. A lesson from the student’s perspective

Annex 2. Creating/Managing a lesson

Annex 3. A lesson on a mobile device

Annex 4. Upload module

Let us show you how Chess Pill App works

Software as a Service Platform for Professional Chess Clubs

The most user-friendly training app, designed for making online training easy.

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